thatīs me in thermal infrared

Bernd Brinkmann´s

image of

Comet C/1999 J2 (Skiff)

date (yy/mm/dd) time (UT) exp. time (min/sec) camera / telescope film / CCD filter image size Remarks

41 P/ Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak

South is up, east to the left
no corrections during guiding
the tail was only visible after processing the images

coma diameter 50",
2.8' tail in PA 14 deg
16.1 mag

at top middle is the 15.6 mag galaxy PGC 55322,
in the left corner you see a trail of a satellite



16 x 180 sec

500 mm newton reflector @ f /5
at VdS-Sternwarte Kirchheim

Starlight SX


5.7' x 5.5'

processing with MIRA A/P:
register on comet
combine (sum)
false color palette
write TIF

processing with Photoshop:
pixel rectification
log scaling
save as JPEG

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